Sunday, September 11, 2011

~A big surprise from my new friend~

Masa tengah busy sambut Hari Raya last 2 weeks, tiba-tiba I received a FB notification on my phone "new friend request" from someone that I really unfamiliar...huurrrmm, siapa nie? I just ignore and was thinking to review the person's profile later..A few minutes later, a message from the same person pulak masuk into my FB inbox..aiiikkk...baca lagi 2nd time to avoid any misunderstanding...without any more wasting time, i tried to link to her blog..

waaahhhhh!!!!!...what a surprise!!!..i was so proud when I read her entry .. =8)

Someone from Philippine actually appreciated my blog..bangga nya tak terkata..right away, I've sent a message to my blog's sifu, Aliya si share the bangga feel..hahahaha...:p

now, I have a new friend from Philippine who is currently learning bahasa and planning to come to Malaysia..can't wait to meet her and I hope I able to be her tourist guide...:)

her new Bahasa entry : eccentric yet happy

tengah berkobar-kobar mau berblog..hehehe..
ideaaaaaa!!!...where are u?????..


Norhisham Nordin said... Best Blogger Tips

wuhuuuu... bestnya..!! seronok kan bila dpt kawan camtu... mcm tak sangka jek... kdg2 kawan2 yg cmni lebih baik drpd kawan2 yg kita dah lama kenal...

Arfariena said... Best Blogger Tips

hahaha bestnye wei.. famous giler

YanTie AhMad said... Best Blogger Tips

ngeehh..ngeehhh..ngeehhh....bangga gitew!!...:8)

Bayang said... Best Blogger Tips

uih.. aku baru ada peluang baca blog ko.. mcm aku ckp dlu kan, keep the originality of u, aku dah x rajin nk update sgt mcm dulu.. mana tau lps ni msuk magazine plak kan... k kak.. keep up the awesome entry.. hehe.. muaaahhh!!