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~~Scuba diving in Pulau Tiga, Sabah, Malaysia~~

wahh..lama tul aku tak buat ari ni aku dok baca malaysianunderwater forum (forum yg selalu aku pollow...banyak belajar bila baca forum nie)..maka aku ternampak post pasal Pulau Tiga, Sabah...terus dengan lincah nya jari aku menaip entry ni..

Perrhh..pulau idaman aku tue..sebab....pulau tu ler location tuk reality tv Survivor 1st seasons..mmg cantik ler pulau tue..time tgk survivor tu tak sangka pulak dia buat kat Sabah..mak aiii..bangga tetiba bila tau location Survivor tu kat Malaysia seehh...

kalo nk confirm kan jugak, sila check wikipedia ni..:)

ok...maknanya dh confirm la kat sabah kan...hurm, sabah tu kan besar, area mana pulak..(lebih specific), aku pun menggoogle map ler..ooohhh..area papar rupanya..

Haaa..kat tempat tanda merah 'A' tu ler located Pulau Tiga...

diving spots area pulau tiga,...

ada 8 diving spot ni..menarik2..

cer chite..cer chite sikit pasala pulau tiga lebih details...

susah sangat nk cite, meh aku copy/paste dr forum MUW...

Looking for somewhere special to go scuba diving during May? Want to make the most of your trip to Sabah? Then come to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and join Borneo Dream for a diving trip special to Pulau Tiga - otherwise known as 'Survivor Island'.

Most divers coming to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah will generally only be aware of diving trips to nearby Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. However, via a 60 minute fast boat transfer on our RIB (a 9m x 3m powerhouse winkk, you can be diving the beautiful coral reefs near Pulau Tiga with no other divers in sight.

Pulau Tiga is a group of small islands located approx. 30nm southwest of Kota Kinabalu. Pulau Tiga is also located in a Marine Park - Pulau Tiga National Park. This is good news for scuba divers looking to dive pretty, living coral reefs.

Borneo Dream has found 9 relatively unexplored beautiful coral reef dive sites around the Island. The dive depths are between 6m - 25m, the visibility is generally 5m to 25m with occasional strong currents on certain dive sites. This makes Pulau Tiga a great destination for drift diving, underwater photography and any diver wanting to dive somewhere a bit special.

Find out more at

Borneo Dream runs scuba diving day trips to Pulau Tiga from Kota Kinabalu between March - October (the 'Dry Season'). During May 2010 we'll be offering a 10% discount off the published diving trip price for Pulau Tiga for MuW members (as long as minimum 4 Divers per trip). If a group of you want to go together, we could also run a 2D1N trip to Pulau Tiga (staying over at the Resort on Tiga) - now that would be fun!

Contact the Dream Team at to find out more or to book a place on our Pulau Tiga diving trip.

2D1N Pulau Tiga - Survivor Island Adventure

Pulau Tiga is a forest-clad island in the south of Sabah and is part of a three-island park called Pulau Tiga Park. Pulau Tiga in Sabah, Borneo has many delights. A network of nature trails around Pulau Tiga offers good trekking opportunities. You can even take a nature trail trek to a Mud Volcano area. Soak up the sun on gorgeous white beaches, or snorkel the colourful coral reefs which fringe the Island of Pulau Tiga.

If you are feeling adventurous we can take you over to visit Kalampunian Damit near Pulau Tiga - also known locally as Snake Island. Here you will find sea snakes that come to these shores to lay their eggs.

Maybe you have seen the TV Series 'Survivor' originally networked by CBS in the USA? Well Pulau Tiga is the island where it all took place - it was chosen because of its untouched beauty and remoteness. Now you can get to experience the beauty of Pulau Tiga, Sabah, Borneo via this 2D1N trip. Perfect for families and groups.

More about your 2D1N Pulau Tiga Trip

Go snorkeling on the house reef at Pulau TigaYou will be picked up from your hotel in Kota Kinabalu around 7am. Depart from your hotel in Kota Kinabalu for a two hour drive to Kuala Penyu and take a 30 minute boat ride to Pulau Tiga Island. You will return to your hotel in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah by late afternoon the following day.

Your 2D1N trip to Pulau Tiga Island includes hotel and boat transfer, overnight accommodation (twin sharing), lunch and use of snorkeling equipment.
Please bring with you a towel, hat, walking shoes, insect repellent, water bottle, swim wear, sun block lotion and an overnight bag to get the most from your tour to Pulau Tiga, Sabah.

Please note - min 2 persons per booking.

Please contact the Borneo Dream team to book your 2D1N trip to Pulau Tuga Island, Sabah.

Borneo Dream also offers the widest range of scuba diving trips and diving courses, plus snorkeling trips, from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Why not discover the beauty of the tropical waters along the west coast of Sabah during your holiday to Kota Kinabalu. Contact the Dream Team for more information.

so...jom kita menabung dari skang...pulau tiga ni dah bertahun ada dalam aku punya "place to go list"...bila boleh aku tick as completed mision nie!!...

aku mau dive..bluupp!!..bllluuppp!!...bllluuppp!!!.


Sabahan Bloggers Club said... Best Blogger Tips

Ada banyak lagi Pulau-pulau lain yang lebih cantik kat Sabah selain Pulau Tiga. Cuma Pulau ni dekat dengan Kota Kinabalu, jadi ia mudah mendapat tumpuan.

Hasina Terebuzzu said... Best Blogger Tips

dh byk kali saya ckp kt akak.. nk kena tgk blog baru nk pcya.. =(

YanTie AhMad said... Best Blogger Tips

sabahan : banyak lagi pulau yg belum saya sempat explore kat sabah nun..kos tinggi ler..lagipun time constrain..apa2 hal kita share la apa2 info k..
hasina : pulau 3 ni mmg pulau impian sejak abis survivor 1 ari ni betul2 korek2 info yg ada..nnt kita plan p sini lak..

TARDiver said... Best Blogger Tips

jangan lupa pergi Mud Volcano!